Getting older, feeling worse

This is my blog where i want to share with other men how I feel in growing older. I am now 55 and to be honest, I feel worse, the older I get. Not from a mental point of view, but from a physical perspective. Do you recognise that? I’m slowly but continuously gaining weight all the time, I exercise less, my joints are getting stiffer and small injuries take longer to heal. What’s happening to me? Is this because I grow older? Or am I getting lazier in taking care of myself? And somehow, I can’t break through this downward spiral. I feel more and more uncomfortable in my own body. The house you live in is such an important factor to your happiness. I love the house I Iive in in Berkshire. But guess what, I’m totally unhappy with my own house. The house that is my body. The house I live in 24 hours a day till the day I will die. There’s something fundamentally wrong here. But I feel powerless and uncommitted to do something about this.



Fortunately this wake up call presented itself in various ways. First, the shock I had finding out that my weight passed the magic 100KG barrier. I remember when I was younger and a friend told me he was 100KG, I was amazed that somebody could be that heavy. And here I am myself. 102KG. A massive awakening to start doing something about this. The second wake up call was my knee. A few years ago I twisted my left knee and I am still struggling with this. Because of this injury I can’t exercise freely and feel horrific that I can’t do anymore mountain hikes, one of my great passions.

And finally, my third wake up call was meeting Gabrielle, from Bliss Naturopathy. I am doing some internet related work for her and got to know about her work in Naturopathy. The statement that made a big impression on me was from one of her clients who said: The older I get the better I feel. This was the trigger I needed. That’s what I want. I want to feel better the older I get. So I decided to start a 4 months programme with Gabrielle to make me feel happy in my “own house”. And in this blog I’m going to share this journey with you. Blogging is a great way to share, to stay focused and hopefully inspire other men to start a similar journey.

So come back regularly and read about my steps, experiences, highs and lows and recommendations in feeling better. If you have any questions or you want to share your own experience, feel free to add a comment and I will reply instantly.


2 Comments on “Getting older, feeling worse”

  1. asifashams says:

    Oh yes it has started happenning with me too.I too need a wake up call.At times im so low in energy and feel like dejected.I wonder if other people are also experiencing the same.M only 47 but i feel m v v old .I love to b fit and healthy again.

  2. MarcC says:

    Amazing. Two minutes after I launched my blog you put in your comment. Thank you very much and its good to see that I am not the only one struggling with this. I hope I can inspire you to change through this blog.

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